I have been sewing like a mad woman to get my Etsy store stocked and ready for promotion.  This weekend was going to be it! I woke up early yesterday to finish two quilts and what did I find?


The line to my sewing machine foot pedal was no longer connected to its owner.  Probably by one of the cute furry creatures that haunt this old home (feline, to be clear).


I have a Bernina sewing machine, which I love.  Swiss and strong, the thing is a solid piece of machinery, but it is also annoying proprietary in its philosophy, meaning that of the several pedals I have from other machines, none will work.  And, alas, it is the only machine in my house that will quilt.  (Let me tell you, my obsession with the one stitch wonder that is the Juki 2010 is only being fed more at this point.)

So the plan now is to cut. Cut everything!  My premade baby quilts that I am selling are all ready to be quilted, no cutting or sewing left, but I have several bespoke orders that are in the queue. Also, I will feature my baby clothes quilt process so that those of you interested in buying that service can see how it's done!

So for now, fun plans and the promise not to fret too much before my replacement pedal comes in on Monday.

That's 4 days.

I can do this.