Friday Night's Alright for [podcasts]

Sewing is a satisfying, creative, addictive skill, worthy of learning and perfecting over the years.  It can also be tedious, lonesome work, filled with long periods of concentration and frustration.

To combat the negativity, I like to fill my ears with podcasts.  Here are some of my favorites:

Best friends for life

Ann and Amina and Heben and Tracy.  Basically the girls I want to be my best friends forever ever. 

Other podcasts to make you feel like you're hanging with your besties: Mashed Up Americans,, The Mortified Podcast, Awesome Etiquette (no, really!)

pop culture junkies unite

Oh the Gilmore Guys.  They talk forever and ever and go all over the place, but I love them so.  They get me and my Gilmore obsession.  They've enabled it all along.  Season 7, here we come!

More Pop Culture gems: Pop Culture Happy Hour (I always listen to this one first!), The West Wing Weekly, Switched on Pop

Let's learn some things!

For me, it was 99% Invisible that started the whole thing.  PRX was a station on my radio that often played 99%, and Mr. Mars would mention from time to time the wonderful world of podcasts.  I am always learning something new and fascinating on 99% (including new podcasts) and it never gets old even after all these years.

Other mind-growing lovelies: The Broad Experience (Feminism!), Freakonomics Radio (Economics!), The Infinite Monkey Cage (Science!), The Allusionist (Words!), FiveThirtyEight Elections (Politics!), NPR Politics (More Politics!), Friday Night Comedy from Radio 4 (British Politics!), On the Media (Talking about the people who talk about politics), Stuff You Should Know


This is truly a case of saving the best for last.   I am a Gravy disciple.  If I must forsake all other podcasts for one it would be Gravy.  So much wonderful, so much truth wrapped up in the unpretentious deliciousness of Southern cooking.  If I could, when introducing myself, I would shove a iPod full of Gravy episodes into the hands of my new acquaintance and say, "Here, this is me."

More truly great storytellers: Lore (spooky wonderfulness), Strangers (Yes, exactly), This America Life (Ira Glass, duh), Criminal (stories from the American justice system), The Memory Palace (Beautiful bits)